Due to rise of computer crimes we have defined certain policy & controls in order to keep privacy & security of each profile and they have been separated according to its category.

  • 1. Requester needs to send email for registration respectively. For Matrimony Portal Registration send email to marriage@gujaratisamaj.co.in & for Business Registration send email to business@gujaratidamaj.co.in
  • 2. Requester must send their Parents Passport Size Photocopy for registration validation.
  • 3. For Education Background verification, Requester must send his/her Graduation or Post-Graduation Certificate Photocopy.
  • 4. Our Security Team will keep on monitoring site activity regularly in order to keep privacy & safety of all users’ profile.
  • 5. Sending unlawful images and messages over email through any sources will be liable for penalty as per Indian Cyber Law & International Cyber Law Policies. Below sections can be applied for penalty for doing unlawful activity.
    1. a. Sec. 50C IPC
      b. Sec. 292 IPC
      c. Sec. 294 IPC
      d. Sec. 66E
      e. Sec. 67
      f. Sec. 67A
      You can refer to any government law site for Cyber Law Penalties.